It’s time to deal with jealousy if this green-eyed monster is ruining your relationships and controlling your life. The good news is, jealousy is a learnt way of being. Humans aren’t naturally jealous creatures but, although sometimes there are good reasons to be jealous (a cheating partner for example), in the majority of cases these feelings arise when there is no need and take control.

Perhaps the neighbour has a new car, the type you like but can’t afford and you find jealousy eats you up. Your friend has other friends to spend time with, not just you, and once again you find yourself acting out your feelings of jealousy. Perhaps your cat likes to spend more time next door. It could be anything that triggers it, depending on the individual.

For effective treatment, it doesn’t matter what lead to your jealousy in the first place. The techniques of hypnotherapy and NLP work to train your imagination. Practitioners describe jealousy as an out-of-control imagination. People with jealous tenancies imagine their partner sleeping with that blonde from the office, then the imagined scenario grows, becoming more vivid in the mind’s eye, then the sufferer acts upon it. While the infamous bunny boiling might be an extreme reaction, arguments usually follow a jealous imagining in a relationship with such a partner. Family Mediation Ware

Jealousy can be debilitating causing panic attacks, anxiety and outbursts of all-consuming anger. Often after an argument, the person feels regret for their jealousy-fuelled attack on their bewildered partner. This can lead to depression when they feel their imagination and emotions are out of control. Feelings of frustration are also common with the sufferer often questioning their sanity or feeling helpless, wondering how to overcome jealousy.

These patterns are extremely damaging to relationships and sufferers usually go from relationship to relationship with their jealous behaviour raging through each one. Each ends in the same way when their partner refuses to deal with jealousy any more after living in fear of the unreasonable outbursts for too long.

The techniques of hypnotherapy and NLP make dealing with jealousy straight-forward. The faulty thinking can be reconditioned so that the imagined scenarios are no longer important. The techniques neutralise them.

Using hypnotherapy and NLP, no counselling techniques are used, so there is no talking about how the feelings started, no history is explored. The imagination is simply reconditioned so you control it and it doesn’t control you.

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