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Mathew Sawyer was established in 2004 by our team of highly experienced therapists, all of whom had first received their training as psychodynamic couple counsellors through London Marriage Guidance and Relate. The organisation has maintained its robust health and continued to make progress.

Mathew Sawyer has not only been effective in the counselling service he provides, but he has also been successful in the training seminars he has delivered. We have organised a popular series of therapy-related seminars with speakers such as Ruby Wax, Susie Orbach, Libby Purves, Dorothy Rowe, Thaddeus Birchard, Professor Tim Spector, Professor Joy Shaverien, Brett Kahr, Suzie Hayman, Ted Martin, and Professor Scott Wooley. These seminars have been attended by a large number of people.


Based in London, with its incredibly varied population and cultures, the team provides an exceptional, objective, and professional service.

Our therapists are empathic and attentive while dealing with a variety of client difficulties. They provide the possibility to study and comprehend linkages and facilitate the creation of change possibilities. In a secure and private context, the counselling may incorporate a consideration of family history and life events that have influenced relationship expectations. Couple dynamics, behavioural patterns, and individual and combined responses to life events can be explored.

Our approach is collaborative and takes the client’s specific goals, difficulties, and obstacles into great consideration.