Mathew Sawyer


Mathew Sawyer is composed of six relationship counsellors and psychosexual therapists with extensive expertise.
Since 2004, Mathew Sawyer therapists have provided couples with an empathic and compassionate environment in which to explore and comprehend their relationships and each other.
Counsellors at Mathew Sawyer provide counselling remotely through Skype and in-person at their London-based private clinics.


Whether you attend alone or with a partner, relationship counselling can assist. Our counsellors may help you reframe situations and make adjustments that seem overwhelming.


We're couples and individual therapists. Individual counselling gives you time and space to think on and explore life experiences and challenges. Individual counselling can help one spouse analyse interpersonal difficulties and dynamics.


Premarital counselling may help a couple evaluate their expectations, future aspirations, and what sharing their life could include. Individual relating styles can be investigated and understood based on family and life events. Counseling may entail assessing their relationship’s requirements and how to accept and manage disagreements.

Find your online counsellor

To guarantee everyone’s safety, our Mathew Sawyer therapists are only available online at this time.
Online functions identically to Face-to-Face, except that we meet through computers. Sessions can be scheduled at your convenience and from your desired location.
We are now better equipped to work in the UK and abroad. And treatment can start immediately.
Many individuals may choose to choose a therapist in a region where they will be able to make in-person visits, once safety regulations enable this.
We are pleased to address any general inquiries, as well as those that may arise due to the present limitations.

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