The Meaning of a Handshake for a Psychotherapist

Our handshake conveys more information about us to others than we think, says an American study I read recently. Researchers at the University of Alabama rated the handshakes of 112 male and female college students for eight characteristics: dryness, temperature, texture, strength, vigour, completeness of grip, duration, and eye contact. The subjects also completed four […]

How To Find The Proper Therapist

There are a big variety of therapists out there doing the job with a wide array of approaches. So how are you heading to pick out someone that’s proper for you? The initial issue to contemplate is whether you want to see a counsellor or a psychotherapist? What is the difference? Counselling is typically small […]

The God Complex in Therapy-Counselling

Abstract: What does your patient (client) expect from you? Their life is in turmoil, problems ascend from the sky and land squarely at their feet and they need answers. The danger here for therapists is to become everything for that person, father figure, sexual object, confessor, adviser and most of all the only person who […]

The Real Meaning (Freedom) of Counselling Relationships

Part One: I see a lot of people in this group talk of ethics in the counselling room, what I should do with my clients (patients) what I should not do? Can I do this or can I do that – what if this happens and what if that happens. I want to tell you […]

Important Advice on Solving Marital Problems Through Relationship Counselling

Almost all married couples face conflicts with each other at some point in their life and look for effective ways to solve their problems. One of the best approaches to bringing peace and happiness in a relationship is by seeking professional counselling and marriage guidance. The best part of getting help from a marriage guidance […]