A Sampling of Body Psychotherapy Methods to Overcome Relationship Problems

Can Body Psychotherapy Resolve Sexual and Relationship Issues? Body psychotherapy uses somatic experiencing, metaphors and body image work, empathic listening and feedback, touch, body/mind/spirit awareness and connection, mental health skills, and a wide variety of the best techniques from Eastern and Western teachings, psychology, body therapy and transpersonal revelations and insights. Can Body psychotherapy resolve […]

Important Advice on Solving Marital Problems Through Relationship Counselling

Almost all married couples face conflicts with each other at some point in their life and look for effective ways to solve their problems. One of the best approaches to bringing peace and happiness in a relationship is by seeking professional counselling and marriage guidance. The best part of getting help from a marriage guidance […]

Romantic relationship Advice: Getting Married and Anxiety

Academic analysis shows that ‘getting married’ is high up on the checklist of demanding lifestyle occasions. So why must that be? Nicely, very first and foremost there are all the preparations in the lead up to your wedding day- so significantly to do and normally so little time to do it in. The day by […]