Marriage Counseling Basics

People seek marriage counseling are struggling. Should we stay together? Are we only causing each other more hurt? The situation involving infidelity–whether the unfaithfulness is a one-night fling or one of the spouses is considering leaving the marriage to pair up with a new love-will be addressed in a subsequent article. For now, let’s assume […]

How to Become One in Marriage

Two people united in marriage commit themselves to becoming one in the eyes of God as well as before their family and friends. This may mean different things to different people. But generally, this means being able to accept and love your other half with all your heart despite all the flaws in his or […]

Emotional Abuse – Why Marriage Counseling Makes it Worse

If you live with a resentful, angry, or emotional abusive person, you have most likely have already tried marriage counseling or individual psychotherapy. You may have tried sending your partner to some kind of anger-management group. Let me guess your experience: Your personal psychotherapy did not help your relationship, marriage counseling made it worse, your […]

Really like, Marriage and Associations

2008 was definitely a poor yr, but for quite a few couples this 12 months has begun out even worse. There looks to be no stop in sight around the overall economy, and thousands of doing work individuals have experienced or severely concern redundancy, with all the attendant distress and mental anguish that causes. Your […]