Pioneers in Christian Counseling

[ad_1] Gladys K. Mwiti, M.A., a counseling psychologist, is the Founder and Execute have Director of Oasis Counseling and Training Institute in Nairobi, Kenya. In addition to her work at Oasis, Gladys is the Chairman of the Christian Counselors Association of Kenya. Her husband, Gershon, is the national team leader of African Enterprise, an indigenous […]

Christian Counseling

[ad_1] Christian Counseling Certification The Biblical Foundation of Christian Counseling for People Helpers By Gary R. Collins, PHD. In Dwelling Shade: An Intercultural Method to Pastoral Counseling By: Emmanuel Y. Lartey Knowledgeable Christian Counseling: Foundations and Apply of Compassionate Soul Treatment By: Dr. Timothy Clinton and Dr. George Ohlschlager The Biblical Foundation of Christian Counseling […]

Marriage Counseling Basics

[ad_1] People seek marriage counseling are struggling. Should we stay together? Are we only causing each other more hurt? The situation involving infidelity–whether the unfaithfulness is a one-night fling or one of the spouses is considering leaving the marriage to pair up with a new love-will be addressed in a subsequent article. For now, let’s […]

How to Get Your Husband Into Partners Counseling

[ad_1] Despite the fact that there is a slight change in the development, girls are the most important initiators of counseling. Perhaps it really is due to the fact, in our lifestyle, ladies are raised to be liable for relationships. Or possibly it is really simply because males see counseling as a indication of weakness […]

Partners Counseling – The place Jack and Rose Both equally Survived

[ad_1] Partners therapists and relationship counselors treat some of the same concerns as other psychologists, this kind of as depression and stress, substance abuse, and PTSD. But their operate focuses on issues that are particular to their target group, the spouse and children. You may have listened to the phrase, “No man is an island.” […]

Emotional Abuse – Why Marriage Counseling Makes it Worse

[ad_1] If you live with a resentful, angry, or emotional abusive person, you have most likely have already tried marriage counseling or individual psychotherapy. You may have tried sending your partner to some kind of anger-management group. Let me guess your experience: Your personal psychotherapy did not help your relationship, marriage counseling made it worse, […]