Two people united in marriage commit themselves to becoming one in the eyes of God as well as before their family and friends. This may mean different things to different people. But generally, this means being able to accept and love your other half with all your heart despite all the flaws in his or her personality.

Easy to say but hard to do? Perhaps yes in the initial stages of your married life. But eventually when a spouse maintains an open mind and is committed to making the relationship work for the long term, then adjusting to one’s partner will become easier and less stressful.

Unity is never hard to achieve if only couples do their best in nurturing their marital relationship. By being conscious of one’s duties in marriage, by communicating feelings and issues, this is always possible. But this is not to say that you have to think about your obligations independently. The right attitude is to be considerate of your partner as often as possible and to discuss vital matters in a calm manner.

In marriage, remember that you should work as a team. A man and a woman don’t compete in this case. They’re not opponents but team mates who need to work with each other to meet their goals in their married and family life. They have to have one voice instead of promoting their own individual points of view which can only lead to conflicts.

Another reference to becoming one as a husband and wife is on the spiritual aspect of life. Marriage is a sacred sacrament and is considered one of God’s greatest blessings to man. We have learned from the Bible that God created man not to be alone in this world and for that reason He created woman to be man’s partner. This is to fulfill the need for companionship and connection.

It is therefore ideal for couples to put God in the center of their marriage. If both the husband and wife nurture their spiritual life other than their professional and family lives, they are bound to receive more blessings. A married couple that prays together, stays together. It doesn’t matter much whether different religious affiliations exist in marriage because what counts most is there is only one God. During these times when a lot of challenges are being faced by married couples, seeking Divine intervention in the relationship can really be helpful.

Commitment is highly essential in any relationship. Commitment to love your other half with all your heart every day of your life, to respect him or her and to stick to each other not only during happy times but even through rough times. Temptations can easily be avoided if one is fully devoted to his partner and is aware of the consequences that will follow should he stray from the relationship.

With so many cases of marriage ending in divorce attributed to the most common reason of irreconcilable differences, doing your part in managing your marital relationship with your partner in mind will help in making your marriage last longer than the others.

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